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Car Scrap Yard Inverness

One of the local scrap yards Caledonian Auto Salvage owns is located in the Inverness area. This is perfect in terms of having a location further north meaning we can comfortably collect cars for scrap in Inverness and the Highlands quickly at a competitive rate. Every car that we scrap is recycled following the correct laws and protocols set by the DVLA and other governing bodies. We follow procedure completing the required end of life legislation (EVL) and making sure you have a certificate of destruction (COD) document.

Inverness Car Scrap Yard & Car Scrappage Specialist

As things stand we do not accept ferrous and scrap metals, such as cast & wrought iron, stainless steel, high and medium carbon steel. In the future we plan to move into scrap metals but for now collecting cars, vans and commercials is our specialist area. Most of the cars we collect in Inverness & Inverness-shire are normally put to scrap in our Inverness scrap yard however this really depends where else we pick up that day. The most important thing for you to know is that your car is put to scrap in one of our registered treatment facilities.

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Our Car Breaker Stock in Inverness, the Highlands & and Argyll

A large part of our business is selling on the parts we salvage once we break your car. We break up cars 7 days a week so it’s very difficult to tell you exactly what car and vehicle parts we have available at any given time. Generally speaking, we have most used car parts (insert link to used car parts page) that people are looking for when they contact us, including some of the more specific ones that can be harder for you to track down. The best idea is to give us a call or complete the form below and we can tell you what parts we have available in stock.

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