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Very good service very friendly best price in Inverness.
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Car Breakers Inverness, Highlands & Argyll

Caledonian Auto Salvage has a process when breaking a car, van or commercial vehicle that you have decided to put to scrap. Any prices we quote for your car is based on the parts that we know can be salvaged after we break your car and sold onto other people as used parts. As well as giving you a fair price, if required we can tell you how we arrived at the price and which parts we can use from your scrap car once we break your car, van or commercial vehicle.

Inverness, Highland & Argyll Car Breaking & Car Dismantler Best Practise

Our car breaking and dismantling process adhere to the best practice advised by the likes of the DVLA and SEPA. This means if you decide to use Caledonian Auto Salvage to dismantle your car, it will be disposed of properly giving you peace of mind. This is really important long term as you know 100% there will be no issues further down the line after you have received your cash payment. Every single car we break and dismantle in Inverness and the Scottish Highlands is taken to either one of our two auto salvage yard locations in the Highlands or one of the local car breaker yards that we use on a regular basis.

Beware of any car breakers who can’t answer basic questions about how or where they will break up your car for scrap!

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Our Car Breaker Stock in Inverness, the Highlands & and Argyll

A large part of our business is selling on the parts we salvage once we break your car. We break up cars 7 days a week so it’s very difficult to tell you exactly what car and vehicle parts we have available at any given time. Generally speaking, we have most used car parts (insert link to used car parts page) that people are looking for when they contact us, including some of the more specific ones that can be harder for you to track down. The best idea is to give us a call or complete the form below and we can tell you what parts we have available in stock.

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